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Your East Europe, Ukraine, Russia & NIS Connections   

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Ukraina, Inc offers a unique array of consulting services: >Strategic Consulting; >Information Sovereignty; >Freedom of the Press & Mass Media; >Propaganda and Special Propaganda in Armed Conflicts; >Public TV and Radio Broadcacting in Democratic Societies; >Perception of Eastern European countries, Ukraine, Russia and NIS in American Society; >Civilizational Mission of Ukraine; >Russian Federation in Global Politics; >Doing Business in and with Eastern European Countries, Ukraine, Russia and NIS.

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Professional translation and interpreting services.

>Certified written translation of personal and business documents, literary works, etc.;
>Certification and editing of translations done by other translators;
>Independent expertise of faithfulness and quality of translation;
>Interpreting services in courts, immigration offices, etc.;
>Localization services;
>Transcription of audio and video tapes;
>Word Processing and Proofreading;
>Translators seminars for training and improvement of professional skills of translators (from Russian and Ukrainian into English and from English into Russian and Ukrainian);
>Certification of translators working with Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Ukraina, Inc is a corporate member of National Capital American Translators Association (NCATA).

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Professional resume writing. Your resume will be crafted from scratch or will be updated/rewritten.
Please, tell us about about your career goals and past accomplishments (you may provide your existing resumes and other important information).
Our services include, but not limited to:

>Resume and cover letter preparation;
>Editing of resume and cover letter;
>Translation of resume and cover letter from one language into another;
>Direct mailing of resumes and cover letters via regular mail and e-mail;
>Consulting services about employment in the USA.
Also, we can help with:
>Independent expertise of business documents;
>Compiling and editing of other business documents (powers of attorney, agreements, business plans, etc.).

Get the Best Resume Ever!

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Ukraina, Inc Publishing offers a full package of publishing services starting with working with a writer and finishing with printing a book in a print shop or with preparing its electronic format:
>Copy editing and proofreading;
>Copyright consulting;
>Desktop publishing – books, booklets, flyers, posters, etc.;
>Editorial analysis and estimations of manuscripts;
>Editorial seminars for improvement of professional editors skills;
>Independent expertise for manuscripts and pre-printing originals;
>Printing supervising and management.
We know that there are many writers and researchers who would like to get published in the US. We can do it in English, Ukrainian or Russian. Translation service is available.
Let's make it happened!
for your children a FREE GIFT from Ukraina, Inc Publishing.

Get Publisged in the USA!

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Ukraina, Inc is building a network of educated, intelligent, professional and business minded people looking for a part time or full time business opportunities in United States and in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
We are looking for people experienced or interested in the following fields: Business Tourism, Consulting Services, Import/Export, Language Services, Publishing, Shipping Services.

You can make good money as our agent or regional representative promoting our services in your country.

Ukraina, Inc. is also looking for linguists, translators, interpreters, writers and literary agents with professional knowledge of the following languages: Armenian, Azeri, Belarussian, Estonian, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldavian, Russian, Ukrainian and Uzbek.
It's FREE to join. NO initial investment.

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Ukraine is in Danger!
Defend Ukrainian Donbass!

Ukraine is in danger! As it happened in ancient times, the danger came from the East. Russian troops openly entered the territory of Ukraine's mainland and have footholded in the settlements are being held by militants, separatists and terrorists. This military force has dozens of battalion tactical groups formed on the basis of the Russian Special Forces. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), the National Guard (NG) and volunteer battalions are facing elite troops of the aggressor.
Based on the information from Kyiv and battlefields, in Ukraine, they are doing everything possible to protect its sovereign territory and civilians, despite stiff resistance from the anti-Ukrainian forces, corrupt officials and a state crisis of Ukrainian society as a whole. The economic situation in Ukraine and the slowness of the bureaucratic system complicates the provision of AFU, NG, and especially - the volunteer forces with modern weapons, ammunition and food supplies.
In this regard, we call upon the organizations and activists of the Ukrainian diaspora to increase pressure on governments of friendly towards Ukraine countries in order to activate an urgent deliveries to Ukraine of weapons, ammunition and provisions using speed up and simplified procedures. Ukraine needs this assistance immediately!
In turn, we are initiating the collection of the most essential household items and dry foods (see the list here) that are not considered as military or dual-use, for immediate delivery to Ukraine and for passing them to Ukrainian military in combat zones and civilians evacuated from areas of combat operations.
Consolidation and shipping of essentials for personal usage and dry food products to Ukraine is being provided by Ukraina, Inc. Funds for shipping these goods are being collected and consolidated by Leadership International Foundation. The cost of donated goods and products, as well as funds for the shipping are tax deductible in accordance with applicable United States laws.
We invite activists and volunteers to join us.

E-mail: and Call: 1-240-432-33071-240-432-3307


Ease and convenience.

     >Hunger for success.

     >Ready for the next level.

      >Expanding the market.

      >Global logistics.



Shopping in America

American retail market is one of the largest in the world, and sales in American department stores when prices go to the lowest level became a legend. Many people are planning trips to the US for a sale period to spend a day or two for shopping only. Still, traveling to America is a very expensive journey, but… This doesn’t mean that shopping in the US is not possible. We will help you to buy any kind of goods in American stores. And you do not need to leave your home. Open to see more (information is in Russian):

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Shipping from United States
Ukraina, Inc offers a full array of sea and air freight services for residents and legal entities of the Greater Washington, DC / National Capital Area (Washington, DC – Central Maryland – Northern Virginia).
Ukraina, Inc. is a regional agent of MEEST Corp. that provides hand-to-hand delivery services of almost any size parcels and door-to-door delivery services of Full Container Loads (FCL).
MEEST Corp. is our carrier for cargo going to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

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Mailing address:
      Ukraina, Inc.

      P.O. Box 77596
      Washington, DC 20013

Storage facility &
UPS/FedEx delivery address:
      Ukraina, Inc. Unit #582

      Acorn Storage
      13813 Connecticut Ave.
      Silver Spring, MD 20906

E-mail addresses:

Phone & SMS:



We help Ukrainian companies to establish and develop relations with US Mass Media, groups of experts and leaders of opinion. We develop positioning strategies for projects and businesses in the US and Ukraine. Highly skilled professionals in Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Mass Media, Economics, Advertising and Public Relations are working with us.

Our services:

>building platforms for positioning and communications strategies;

>corporate positioning in the US;

>personal positioning in the US;

>reputation and image formation audition;

>establishing and developing relations with US Mass Media, expert groups and opinion leaders;

>helping American companies in exploring Ukraine’s markets;

>communication support of foreign projects.

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24 - Ukrainian Independence Day Celebration
The Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church

16631 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20905
More Info: 410-404-3305410-404-3305


06 - 07 - Baltimore Ukrainian Festival
Baltimore, Patterson Park
13 - 14 - Washington Ukrainian Festival
St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral
15100 New Hampshire Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20905
More Info: 301-414-5458301-414-5458