More and more often I am receiving different kind of ‘business proposals’ and ‘cooperation offers’. I use quotes because ‘bidders’ misuse ‘business proposals’ and ‘cooperation offers’.

Actually I am dealing with banal marketers who aggressively promote their services. Usually, they don’t even bother to decide on their targeted audience, at least superficially.

I am open to cooperation, but I am not interested in offers of services — when there is a need for a service, I will find someone who will provide me with this service. Here’s why I want to tell my annoying marketers this:

Please, be so kind to

— look closer at what I am busy with (everything is available on sites linked to my LinkedIn profile),

— consider how can you fit in and

— send me a standard business proposal (Google can help you to find samples) with digits (sic!) and explanation how my business or nonprofits will benefit from my cooperation with you.

Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Ivanenko, Business Owner

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