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Ukraina, Inc offers shipping services from the Greater Washington area (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia), USA to Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Ukraina, Inc acts as a regional agent of MEEST Corp. This link will redirect you to ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Meest America, Inc web site where you can find rates, requirements and all other information you need to know. 

To check rates for a particular country, please, click on its name below: Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Also, you will find there a calculator to check how much it will cost you to ship you package(s). ​

Packages are accepted on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays
by appointment only
from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at:
Acorn Storage Unit 582,
13813 Connecticut Ave.,
Silver Spring, MD 20906.

Unit 582 is located in the end of the building and opens outside
Ukraina Inc Shipping place is pointed out by our logo

Please, respect the following procedure:

1. Be sure to read the information on this page and on the MEEST company website, where you can find information on tariffs and shipping options to the country of destination (this is very important in the current circumstances).

2. To make an appointment, please, text in advance to tel. 240-432-3307 with a date you would like to bring your package(s), providing your full name. You will receive reply with a time frame available.

3. In order to avoid the crowding of people at the storage, do not delay the delivery of packages on the last day, and do earlier – as soon as the package(s) are ready.

4. Come at a clearly defined time for you: 6:00, 6:20, 6:40, 7:00, 7:20, 7:40 PM.

5. Prepare lists of enclouser in packages to expedite the completion of customs declarations that will be provide by the agent.

6. Use masks or bandanas, observe distances and other personal protection requirements associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Clearly follow other requests and guidelines.

We accept all type of payments:
cash, checks and debit/credit cards
(using a card will add 3.9% bank fee).

Pick Ups From Homes & Offices

Parcels are collected from your home or office in exceptional cases, when you cannot physically bring them to our warehouse yourself.

Your parcels must be ready for shipment and will be processed on the street at the agent’s car.

To schedule a pick up, please, provide the following information:

  • your full name and pick up physical address;
  • your availability at this address (days and hours) during week days.

The agent will confirm date and time of pick up his schedule allows to meet your availability.

You shall be notified when the agent is on his way to your location.

Pick up fee is calculated: $2/mile from storage facility (13813 Connecticut Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20906) to a pick up location. Minimum charge $25.

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When using Ukraina, Inc. shipping services, please, keep in mind the following:

1. Ukraina, Inc. is an agent of Meest Corp., and our functions are limited to accepting the package(s) from you, ensuring their safety in our storage and handing over the collected packages to Meest truck drivers when they come to pick up the cargo.

2. Ukraina, Inc. is not a functional division of Meest Corp., and its owner and employees are not employees of Meest, and therefore are not responsible for Meest and its employees actions.

3. For this purpose, Ukraina, Inc. forms a schedule to collect packages, convenient for most customers, and makes trips to pick up parcels from customers homes or offices in convenient and on mutually beneficial terms for senders and us.  Expansion of parcels collecting schedule is possible only under one condition — increase in numbers of senders and packages.

4. Ukraina, Inc. does not affect the frequency of collected packages pick ups by Meest drivers, does not form Meest truck trips schedule and therefore does not display this schedule on its website, and therefore does not discuss this topic with customers.

5. Ukraina, Inc. is not responsible for the safety, delays in packages transit and delivery after they transported by Meest truck drivers to Meest warehouse and in countries of destination, and does not discuss these issues with sender.

6. Ukraina, Inc. does not track further movement of packages that have already been sent to destination countries. If you can’t track the status of your package on the Meest website, just call the Meest-America office at 1-800-288-9949.  All other issues that fall outside the competence of Ukraina, Inc. as Meest agent as referred to in paragraph 2 should be addressed to Meest-America as well.

Special warning for members of the Russian diaspora and pro-Russian members of other ethnic communities:

A. Ukraina, Inc. is a Ukrainian American company that supports Ukraine in its resistance to Russia as an aggressor.  We work under US sanctions against Russia, but we accept packages to Russia and pro-Russian customers packages to other countries on the former Soviet Union territory, among whom there are quite aggressive people who show their intolerance and disrespect.  In case of inappropriate behavior of pro-Russian customers, we reserve the right to deny them services.

B. If you do not support Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression, US sanctions on Russia, and feel uncomfortable communicating with Ukrainian Americans who support Ukraine and US policy toward Ukraine and Russia, you can contact another agent or Meest América directly.  We will understand your decision.

Shipping Consulting

Due to the fact that we are approached by people to discuss issues that go far beyond agency’s shipping packages services, and some of our customers instead of carefully reading information available on our website, as well as on Meest’s website, involve us in long-term communication by phone, e-mail or text messaging, we introduce an additional service on a commercial basis – shipping consulting.

The cost of this service is based on the standard of consulting services rate – $ 100 / hour with a 15-minutes minimum time ($25) billing.

Please, be ready to accept this offer, if you have to discuss going far beyond available shipping services or you are not willing to to read information available on website(s).

Thank you for your business and understanding!

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