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JUST PUBLISHED! Mykola VirnyjFrancuzenko’s Bibliography compiled by Jaroslawa Francuzenko has been published.

This bibliography contains a list of writings by Mykola Virnyj – Francuzenko (1923 – 2007), a well known Ukrainian American writer and radio journalist, one time an editor in chief and a director of Ukrainian Division of Voice of America. Writings by M. Virnyj – Francuzenko include his poems, fiction prose, dramas and countless articles, esseys, reports, commentaries, etc. published in Ukrainian language printed periodicles of the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, France and independent Ukraine.

This bibliography is incomplete, and it purposely leaves aside his radio-graphy – radio works authored, edited and broadcasted by M. Virnyj – Francuzenko during his tenures at Radio Liberation (1955 – 1962), Radio Freedom (1962 – 1966) and Voice of America (1966 – 1990). 

For researchers, teachers, students and everybody interested in Ukrainian language literature, journalism and radio broadcasting.  

The book is published by Ukraїna Inc Publishing.

If you are interested in this bibliography, please, e-mail your request to Ukraina, Inc.:

The price of the book and the shipping cost along with possible payment options will be sent to those interested directly.

Ukraina, Inc. Publishing.

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